Aquarium Forum A forum devoted to aquarium fish, plants, techniques and fish keeping as a whole. en Greetings from an old grouchy fishkeeper<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- --> </script> Howdy love this site, hate that its no longer active. Ive sent a message to the webmaster, maybe we can get it rolling again !! JIM 2013-10-12 Answer no. 1 Version 2.0 of is on its way. It's going to be re-launched this year, I'm busy with coding and development. jan 2014-01-20 Answer no. 2 Need a good full time admin?? im retired so i have nothing but time JIM 2014-01-20 Answer no. 3 I've sent you an email on your registration email. Reply on it if you're interested . Cheers jan 2014-01-20 Answer no. 4 spam removed last modification by jan nikestoress 2014-02-17 Answer no. 5 spam removed. last modification by jan xinggu 2014-02-24