Aquarium Forum A forum devoted to aquarium fish, plants, techniques and fish keeping as a whole. en Ranting about Rams<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- --> </script> All about ram cichlids original post: July 29, 2007, 2:22 pm Puffy 2008-05-03 Answer no. 1 I&#8217;ve got a ram and i called it puffy hence my user name, i got it about 2 weeks ago.You beter watch out these fish are just as phsyco as angle fish. Puffy 2008-05-03 Answer no. 2 Come on guys this is the place for questions and answers or anything to say about rams Puffy 2008-05-03 Answer no. 3 I've had some rams in the past and they were really mellow fish. They were my favorites because they were so pretty. I had two german blue rams and two golden balloon rams. They were so calm compared to the rest of the fish I had in that 29 gallon aquarium. meliss_cole 2008-05-11 Answer no. 4 have kept rams myself.Wild caught are twice as colourful as tank breds.Never had any problems keeping them with discus even when they had paired off.Lovely fish ,would reccomend them to anyone. mickey 2008-05-12 Answer no. 5 Are they good for a community, if so I will add them to my 30 gallon long Community. Jonathan 2009-04-29 Answer no. 6 When you say community what other fish do you have in there? they prefer soft acidic water mickey 2009-04-29