Aquarium Forum A forum devoted to aquarium fish, plants, techniques and fish keeping as a whole. en Oscar care????<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- --> </script> I was looking into getting a tank with an oscar and a few other cichlids. But I&#8217;m not sure what size I will need. I&#8217;ve heard that oscars need lots if room. Please Help! original post: December 24, 2007, 11:01 pm cichlidluver 2008-05-04 Answer no. 1 Use the calculator;count=no&amp;secured=&amp;section=51 where you can see how many fish of what size may be kept in your aquarium. Each fish is described in our database and adult sizes are mentioned as well. jan 2008-05-04 Answer no. 2 I have kept Oscars in the past. They seam to do best in a pair, and in at least a 100 gallon tank. They will eat ANYTHING that they can fit into their mouths, and they should be fed only live food as adults. They are generally aggresive to tank mates, although a pleco would be a good match. You will be able to tell if your Oscars are healthy or not by looking at their heads. Oscars tend to develop holes in the top of their heads if they are unhealthy. I am no expert here, but this happened to my fish and I re-asses the tank set up. The fish lived quite a while longer after this, and apparently with no ill effects. CalHinders 2008-05-04 Answer no. 3 Desire_bc 2008-05-16 Answer no. 4 replying to the hole in the head post,as wiith all large cichlids oscars are prone to this.Improving water quality with extra filtration and using the appropriate meds will clear this up. Not sure about the lumps on the last post.As they reach maturity they will get strange lumps that look sore,nobody as yet can explain this.Normally the lumps are aroung the head region. Warning to everyone, this happened to a friend,all oscars are good jumpers,always have a lid fitted to the tank. mickey 2008-05-16 Answer no. 5 hole in the head is normally caused by over feeding oscars it can be fatal if not treated but all oscars carry this disease in their stomachs but it only becomes a problem if they throw up. also if anyone knows where i can get a yellow tiger veil tailed oscar i would appreciate it. i have a 12in red, a leopard, a albino red tiger veil tail, a red veil tail, a tiger veil tail,and a lemon veil tail i have been searching for a yellow tiger veil tail for a little over a year with little luck. jjyoung_22 2008-08-17