Aquarium Forum A forum devoted to aquarium fish, plants, techniques and fish keeping as a whole. en Red-eared slider turtule<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- --> </script> I used to own a red-eared slider turtle and I named him dexter. I wish I kept him because he would have a great home in one of my aquariums. He was a great pet, I changed his water everyday, fed him turtle sticks and shrimp. He was scared of live feeder fish which was super funny. I used to let him cruise around in the yard with me for short periods of time. I gave him away because I was moving I thought it would be easier on dexter to not have to travel from Hawaii to California. I miss that guy. meliss_cole 2008-05-07 Answer no. 1 aw-bless him,my stepdaughter is pestering me to set up a turtle tank,guess who would end up looking after them mickey 2008-05-07 Answer no. 2 They're such interesting pets though. The best part is you could add a turtle to an aquarium with fish in it. Just don't fill the tank all the way up and be sure to give the turtle a platform to sunbathe in out of the water. He could be pretty happy. meliss_cole 2008-05-11 Answer no. 3 wouldnt risk one with my discus will set her tank up for turtles,the empty one in the shed is gathering dust, just need to sort out my main tank first mickey 2008-05-11 Answer no. 4 Hey I know about turtles I had 5 that I got as hatchlings and they got to the size of my hand before have to give them away ( a move from NC to PA and parents refused to let me bring them) Most states now are more flexable in their laws about turtles due to the better care and information out there now. Good Luck crawdadhead 2009-01-17