Aquarium Forum A forum devoted to aquarium fish, plants, techniques and fish keeping as a whole. en Contest - Aquarium Pictures<script language='JavaScript' type='text/javascript'> <!-- --> </script> Rules: Upload your pictures here, because pictures located on other websites are not accepted. The winner will be chosen by staff of The winner will get a t-shirt and the picture will be shown on the homepage of with all credits. The contest ends as soon as pictures from 10 different people are uploaded. Good luck . jan 2008-05-24 Answer no. 1 I'll stat the ball rolling lol My juvenile discus mickey 2008-05-24 Answer no. 2 meliss_cole 2008-05-25 Answer no. 3 Sorry, that didn't work as I thought it would. meliss_cole 2008-05-25 Answer no. 4 spam deleted last modification by jan 1158 2008-05-31 Answer no. 5 how sad is that mickey 2008-06-01 Answer no. 6 discus and cichlids aquariums Stokes 2008-06-01 Answer no. 7 remaining ones Stokes 2008-06-01 Answer no. 8 spam deleted last modification by jan pedroman 2008-06-01 Answer no. 9 what the hell i think some one hacked my account cause i didnt post that crap pedroman 2008-06-01 Answer no. 10 thats the second time this morning its happened mickey 2008-06-01 Answer no. 11 Alright, heres some pics of 1 - My Black Paradise Fish (Male) 2 - Black Pardise Fish (Male and Female) 3 - My Red oscar 4 - Electric Blue Hybrid Cichlid 5 - Electric Blue Hybrid Pic2 6 - Red Oscar about to eat feeder fish fatsfish 2008-07-01 Answer no. 12 love the oscar,always had a soft spot for them mickey 2008-07-01 Answer no. 13 The Black Pardise Pair Pic doesn't seem to work, so here's another attempt on that one. fatsfish 2008-07-01 Answer no. 14 The Black Pardise Pair Pic doesn't seem to work, so here's another attempt on that one. Hm, interesting why it doesn't work... Could you send me it on my email, please? It can be found on (nearly) every page of; see for instance. The email address is below the main picture. jan 2008-07-02 Answer no. 15 hold on...I think I just figured out the problem. fatsfish 2008-07-02 Answer no. 16 seen the pic at last fish look great mickey 2008-07-02 Answer no. 17 seen the pic at last fish look great Thanks. I came home today just in time to see them performing their little mating dance. Can't wait for the fry to hatch. fatsfish 2008-07-02 Answer no. 18 I have uploaded 2 times the photos of my Aquarium but i get signout in the response, lol me_libra2 2008-07-04 Answer no. 19 Pics of my lil family ... of fishes Angles, Moore, Shuphinkin, Color Widow, Bala and Blue Line Shark, some where you find Guppies too me_libra2 2008-07-04 Answer no. 20 Alright...I think these pics are better than my others by far. Ecspecially the one labeled lionfish 04. This is my Black Volitan Lionfish. This is my absolute favorite fish, and now, I finally own one. Hell ya! fatsfish 2008-07-15 Answer no. 21 good pics, used to have a voltan myself plus a couple of fuzzy dwarf lions mickey 2008-07-15 Answer no. 22 These are my fish. I have one pleco, two fire tetras, and four giant dianos. I understand that these are starter fish but I am not really a begginer at all this. I just like those types of fish! :) cleovonne 2008-07-17 Answer no. 23 it may be too late, but I thought you may like my shortfinned male betta splendens :) weirdartist 2009-04-23 Answer no. 24 Nice pic, good colouration mickey 2009-04-24 Answer no. 25 my breeding angels gonemad 2009-04-24 Answer no. 26 just some more of what is in my tank gonemad 2009-04-24 Answer no. 27 i love all the fish i've seen so far gonemad 2009-04-24 Answer no. 28 nice pictures so far.. discus_lover 2009-10-27