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Gold Barb, breeding these fish.

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14's avatar Ackerz
#1 Posted 01 May 2008, 2:45 pm
Sexing: Females grow larger and plumper than the males. Females stay gold all over. Males grow a series of splotches on their sides.

Separate Your Breeders: Gold barbs breed like most other barbs – in groups. Condition the sexes separately till the females fill with eggs. Feed California blackworms and brine shrimp to get them in the mood. Feed them multiple times per day. The multi-feedings play a bigger part in conditioning them than the type of food.

Breeding Process: Put the parents in a tank with large gravel or marbles on the bottom and bushy plants in one end of the tank. Your barbs will usually breed the next morning when the light first hits their tank. Take the parents out as soon as they start eating their eggs ****This is important as all your eggs will be quickly consumed****. Barbs ignore their eggs except when they’re hungry. Unfortunately, they always think they’re hungry.

Fry Food: Feed baby barbs infusoria. Have your culture going long before you attempt the breeding process. Your breeding success depends upon your infusoria cultures.

From Ackerz Biggrin

original post: January 15, 2007, 12:42 pm
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