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Planted Fish Tubs

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70's avatar meliss_cole
#1 Posted 07 May 2008, 4:32 am
If you've always wanted to start a fish pond but never had enough space there is a small scale option. Plastic tubs can be bought in any hardware store in a range of sizes at very inexpensive prices. If the tub is well-planted there could be no need for electrical filtration. As long as you have not too many small fish such as guppies and tetras the plants will metabolize the fish wastes and provide adequate oxygen while the atmospheric CO2 takes care of the plants' needs. Just remember that the plants will need to be groomed so that the roots do not over-take the pond and choke out the fishes' environment. Keep the tub-pond in an area that gets plenty of sunlight for healthy plants. A spot on the deck or out in the garden might be a great location. This is a seasonal outdoor pond, as you may have to move the tub indoors once it gets cold. If you live in year round tropical climate then you'll be able to enjoy your pond year round.
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