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Although we did our best when developing this forum, there are a few rules which should be followed in order to use this part of the Aqua-Fish.Net project properly and safely.

Keep your web browser up to date

We strongly recommend you to use the Opera or FireFox internet browsers when visiting this website! The newer versions, the better. We do not recommend you to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer due to security and cross-browser issues.

Keep your password and email safe

We are not responsible for attacks on your account. We guarantee you that all data here are protected and stored safely. However, usage of vulnerable internet browsers, usage of computers infected by viruses or similar stuff, ignoring the logout option when browsing this site on public computers, sharing your account, using weak passwords, using one password for all your internet accounts, and many more things can cause that your account here isn't 100% safe! Bear in mind that you must do everything in order to be protected. This website is protected against suspicious activities and your data here are safe.

Do not spam here

Your account can be easily suspended and your posts can be easily modified in order to meet the anti-spam criteria of this forum.

Potential problems

Feel free to tell us about problems and things you consider invalid. We'll be glad to hear from you and we'll be glad to fix or update the core of this forum! If you want to leave us a message, open this page (do not worry about security certificate which was issued by; they are our hosting, thus we are using their SSL certificate) or simply find the appropriate forum and submit your question there.

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