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certain plants

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52's avatar procharger
#1 Posted 04 May 2008, 7:35 pm
ok im new to owning fish i bought 7 goldfish about a month ago two have died since then but i just upgraded to a 10gallon tank my goldfish are really healthy and look great but i want to get some guppies so that i can breed them but i heard that you needed to have a floating plant so that the babys can hide from there parents but i also heard that goldfish die from being over feed and that they love to eat the plants so is there a plant that goldfish dont eat but guppys can hide in it???

original post: August 17, 2007, 9:47 am
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16's avatar fishlady
#2 Posted 04 May 2008, 7:36 pm
You have probably already lost more of your fish, as I’m replying several months later. Hopefully you realized this and did more research before disaster struck! Your problems are that you have way too many fish in such a small tank. If you added more w/ the guppies, then that really would have been a disaster!!

Goldfish grow large and are very messy fish. For a 10G tank, ONE goldfish would be a good number. Guppies are prolific live bearers and would also quickly overpopulate a 10G tank.

A better idea for small tanks would be a few male guppies (2-3) and a 5-6 dwarf cories. You’ll get lots of activity and interest. In small tanks, even if you have it well planted, you need to do water changes. With larger tanks, you can go much longer between doing water changes, but you still need to do them sometimes.

Good choices of floating plants would be hornwort, najas grass, or duckweed. They are great to offer fish protection and help filter the tank.

Some closing advice: Research the types of fish you want to keep before you get them and avoid problems!

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