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1's avatar jan
#1 Posted 05 May 2008, 3:02 pm
This page has been updated on 24/06/2008. The old content can be found below this updated copyright infringement policy

You may post within this topic if you believe that:

1) Aqua-Fish.Net is using copyrighted content illegally,
2) Someone is using copyrighted content from Aqua-Fish.Net illegally.

Although this is a forum topic, the copyright infringement policy is applying to every page which can be found on Aqua-Fish.Net and it's subdomains.

So what to do in case of the first option?

1) Reply to this topic and mention the original URL which you believe to own a copyright. If the original work appears in a book or a magazine, send us a scanned copy of that material (only the main page, pages which contain stolen content, and the last page of such document). Email address is abuse AT aqua-fish DOT net. Just replace AT with @ and DOT with . .

We will investigate every case. Because of the fact that some materials can be contributed to Aqua-Fish.Net by our visitors, it IS possible that something illegal can be found here. It's not our goal and we're doing everything against such activities, however it may happen. Of course, we will REMOVE/UPDATE every page which is using copyrighted material illegally!

Bear in mind that we acquired rights for publishing a lot of images from the original owners. So if you see "copyright Oliver Risetski" on some image, it doesn't mean that this image was stolen (see It just means that the owner of this image is Oliver who has allowed us to use this image on our website. Of course, some dishonest visitors of our website may send us stolen images/content. If we detect this activity, we will sue each person providing us with illegal material and we will ask a reasonable financial compensation! Because using illegal content here may lower or disable our profit.

We are also paying people who work for us. Thus, if we pay someone, we don't want anyone to copy and paste content which we have paid for from this website. We also understand that other webmasters may be paying people for creating their content, therefore it is not our goal to copy their work.

OK, and what to do in the second case?

Simply send us an URL of the page which you believe to copy content from Aqua-Fish.Net without our permission. We will undertake all required and further steps by ourselves.

Thanks for your help/understanding!

The Aqua-Fish.Net team.

The old content. May be outdated!

This topic is designed for copyright infringement reports. As this subdomain is a forum with free registration, people are allowed to post/submit various information here. If you believe that someone copied any work then this topic is just for you.

What is necessary to report a copyright infringement?

1) Post URL of the topic
2) Post the URL with original content

We will investigate every report and we will delete all topics which are considered as copyright infringement.

Bear in mind that every URL which is considered original must contain copyright statement along with date and time telling visitors when it was published.

In order to report any URL you must be registered here and you must be logged in. Registration is FREE!

We do NOT want stolen materials/documents/works here!!!
the developer of Cool

Yes, I am very busy. So accept my apologies since I cannot visit this forum too much. But I'll do my best because I own this website Biggrin .
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117's avatar marshalehsan
#2 Posted 09 Jun 2008, 6:06 am
Removed! Not a copyright infringement!!!

last modification by jan
804's avatar jojo phils.
#3 Posted 19 May 2009, 4:12 am
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1031's avatar pleco-island
#4 Posted 17 Sep 2009, 2:37 am
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2396's avatar putianliu
#5 Posted 21 Nov 2013, 10:28 am
spam removed

last modification by jan

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