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Creating a discus world

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1811's avatar Lori
#1 Posted 02 May 2011, 2:51 pm
Hi guys, I'm starting a 75 gallon aquarium that will be well planted. I have a few questions. I plan on making a blackwater Amazon biotype tank with plants that require low light. What is the max amount of light that I need for the plants? I don't want to have to low of light to where the plants don't thrive but I don't want it too high as to where is stresses out the fish. I plan on having a school of neon tetras, one or two pairs of blue rams and discus. That leads to my other question. Can I have three pairs of discus in that size aquarium or should I keep it down to two? I've never kept discus before but have always wanted too, so that's what I am creating this tank for. Any good advice would be great. Thanks
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