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Hello New to Fish Keeping

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2330's avatar waynemorris
#1 Posted 13 Jun 2013, 2:38 pm
Hello all After some advise. Please

I have recently moved to Thailand and was having problem with mosquitoes so I thought I would cure it with some fish in with the large water lily post with a pump and small filter

And would spend hrs watching my guppy's and comet ( gold Fish ) swim around after getting home from work along with a few beer

then a few weeks later of course they started mating so I had a few extra which was great so I put together a another 25 ltr. unused floor pot with same pump and filter. but now I have got the bug I deside that out side my room where we have a flood protection wall I would build a bigger fresh water tropical fish pond. which is 260l.

Built no problems there but as I said now I have the bug so I have added More Guppy's 5 male 5 female, Plus the extened Guppy Family 10 blue Mickey Mouse, Or Mollies, 5 Angle fish but lost one early after the transfer ( I know some People say that you shouldn't keep them with guppy's ) but I don't mind losing a half or all the fry as it needs some control. Right and just last week I have add 2 Green Catfish

Now enough About Me and my New obsession

Know about the Pond

Water temp 27.5- 28/29 on a hot day

Ph 7.5 -8

Water running very clear trough a 600l per hr pump and small water feature and cleaning once a week

Water Has cycled as it running about 8 weeks

Tap water Ph 7

Put I want to bring the Ph level down so the angles and Green Catfish are happier

Was thinking of use a 3/4 step with Peat as the last stage to reduce the PH but what size do I get and should I run it off the same pump

Or is there a better option
I have looked all over the net but there is just to many ort maybe I have been just looking too much

I would love to hear your opinions about my set up and what you think is best

I now Also want to add some discus as I have been looking at them on here and in the shop that's if Im not already over stocked but want do this till the pond / outdoor aquarium is full matured

Thanks Wayne

Great website by the way

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2342's avatar irwin id
#2 Posted 25 Jul 2013, 3:27 am
Ever thinking of getting some ID sharks for your pond?

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