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how to plant correctly

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22's avatar mickey
#1 Posted 08 May 2008, 8:05 pm
when you first purchase your plants , you need to give them the best possible start to encourage good growth from day1.Bad planting can result in loss of plants.
Stem plants are often supplied with lead weights around a bunch of stems to create a larger plant.The lead weights will damage the stems so they need removing.Once removed,cut the stems back to a healthy part and remove the bottom leaves so that a couple of inches of stem is left for planting.Plant 2 or 3 stems together or create a group of single stems.

Rosette plants are usually sold in pots,do not keep them potted.Slide the plant out of the pot carefully , trying not to damage the stems and remove any rockwool attached.The roots should be trimmed to encourage them to regrow.Plant them deep enough in the substrate to cover the roots and crown of the plant.

Bulbs need burying in the substrate but leave the growing tip showing.

Rhizomes will need a trench creating in the substrate to allow all of the rhizome and roots to be buried,then gently pull on the plant until the rhizome appears without pulling out the roots.Another alternative is to fasten them to bogwood etc.Secure with fishine line,rubber band or thread
Make sure you remove the ties once the plant has attached.

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594's avatar AncientMariner
#2 Posted 24 Feb 2009, 4:30 pm
Here are two videos from Tropica, a Danish aquarium plant supplier that deal with planting methods and how to handle new plants before they're planted:

I've found that these won't play until fully loaded.

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