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Masked Julie Aggressive

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1060's avatar Andricia23
#1 Posted 06 Oct 2009, 3:07 am
Hi guys,

sice a month and half, i set a Tanganyika Acquarium.

At first i had only one Masked Julie with 2 Altolamprologus Calvus. Then i read that the Masked Julie should shared his pile of stones with another fish, so i bought a new one. But since i put the new fish in the tank, the old one push him away to the corner of the tank.

I tried to make a small cave but no joy. I even cought the old M.Julie and kept it separated from the tank from 6 hours, ehile i changed all the view of the tank. As soon as i put it back, it started again picking on the new one.

Do you have any suggestions? Should i just leave the old one and bring back the new M.Julie to the shop?

I hope you guys can help me...

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22's avatar mickey
#2 Posted 09 Oct 2009, 12:20 pm
The original Julie is definately at the top of the pecking order. Try taking the Julie out of the tank for a couple of weeks until the new fish settles and then put it back.

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