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mollies are dying

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1196's avatar cmickelsen
#1 Posted 03 Jan 2010, 11:03 am
Sad I have a 30 gal., tank with mollies. Recently I had a problem with cloudy water. I used Aqueon water clarifier, Aqueon amonia neutralizer, and Tetra algae control. I repeated the dose of water clarifier after 24 hours as recommened. The water did not clear up much. So then I did a 50% water change. I again added recommened doasges of clarifier, aquarium salt and algae control. I also took about 50% of the fish out (gave them to a local fish store.) The water cleared up some. The fish seemed much happier, but the water was still fairly cloudy. I waited a couple of days and then did another 50% water change, adding the algae control, salt and clarifier again. After all of these water changes I cleaned my filter and put in new filter pads. Shortly after this most of the fish went to the bottom and became listless. I also notice some sudsiness at the top of the water. I then did another 50% water change, adding just water (I use Culligan water). I was careful in all these changes to add water that was the same temperature as the aquarium. Most of the fish continue to lay on the bottom and about 8 of them have died. More are oviously dying. Some seem fine, and the Betta I keep in the aquarium is fine also.

Can anyone help me?
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