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Please help.

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11's avatar anonymous
#1 Posted 01 May 2008, 3:20 pm
I am considering creating a Chiclid tank and have reasearched a fair bit but I need more info can people plz post info on certain chiclids such as:-
Red Devil
Flower Horn

Thanks it will be a big help
From zrekca Tongue

original post: January 16, 2007, 4:36 pm
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14's avatar Ackerz
#2 Posted 01 May 2008, 3:21 pm
I will be posting all those chiclids listed soon.
From Ackerz Biggrin
11's avatar anonymous
#3 Posted 01 May 2008, 3:25 pm
As owning one these large fish at home, you must concider tankmates with this unique fish. My red devil eats any other fish in my tank EXCEPT my zebra pleco.Any other fish I put with him, he would kill or eat it alive.. I do concider this amazing fish, but watch what you put with them...
this account was created by admin because at old forums it was possible to post as anonymous long time ago
70's avatar meliss_cole
#4 Posted 07 May 2008, 11:00 pm
I have a flowerhorn, jack dempsey and 4 convicts in the same tank. They get along quite nicely except when the convicts lay eggs. That's when the convicts get aggressive. The other fish just stay out of the way even though they are a lot larger than the convicts. Otherwise my flowerhorn is the boss of the tank.

Also had a few Rams in a 29 gallon tank, seperate from all the other cichlids. I wouldn't recommend combining them with larger cichlids because they are fairly peaceful fish. They do not grow very large so they may become the meal of some of the larger fish.

Red Devils are psycho fish. They have no mercy.
74's avatar 1fish2fish3fish
#5 Posted 08 May 2008, 1:28 am
hmmm.. so little space so much to say..
..the cichlid such..these choices of yours are wonderful, yet ALL agressive in one way or another...the tank size concidered carefully "should' be large 40+gal depending on the breed and number of fish kept. All are territorial with tank mates including their own kind..
Adequate space in tank, decor ( rock preferably!) if not supplied for the fish will only bring on stress.. 4 cichlids .. 4-5-6 areas for them to hide and call thier own "space".. if not you would bring out the best of that species as far as aggressiveness goes..
and as our last post said " Red Devils are psycho fish" I havent come across one yet that has not lived up to that statement.
If its red devils you want ,be happy and satisfied with the 2-3 in a 50+gal tank..
Convicts are the rabbits of the cichlid world and plants (real) with cichlids dont work welll either.. most will try to redecorate for you from time to time and eat them up as well..its only a wate of money..
Cichlids prefer a rocky tank set -up..
hope we have helped a bit..
fish keeping for 25+ yrs..
tank number 6 as i speak.. Discus... yeahhh!!! Biggrin

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