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What type of koi are these?

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report abuse | report copyright infringementaquarium fish forum / Coldwater fish / What type of koi are these?
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825's avatar meky3609
#1 Posted 24 May 2009, 1:07 pm
Hey everyone,
I just bought 4 new koi fish to place in my pond and I was wondering what type of koi they are. Here are some pictures (sorry for the bad quality). The first koi pictured is a shiny white with a bit of orange and black patterning on the back. The second koi pictured is also a shiny white with an orangish tint to it and a bit of black. The third one is of two fish. The top one is bright orange with black on the back and the one below it is silverish white with an orange tint and it also has a bit of yellow on the upper part of its head. Thanks!

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