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Which fish are ideal for me? Opinions Please

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report abuse | report copyright infringementaquarium fish forum / Free fish chat / Which fish are ideal for me? Opinions Please
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2254's avatar silverwolf94
#1 Posted 10 Nov 2012, 12:18 am
I have fluval edge 23l aquarium, which i know isn't large for a fish tank but i only want small fish.
I am experienced coldwater fishkeeper but new to tropical fish so which ever breeds will be easiest for me are ideal and only other requirements are that they are quiet and don't try and jump out of tank (like those little sharks).

I love all the little minnows, guppies, tetras, mollies, etc.

I know little fish like to be in their shoals so i would perhaps only be able to get a could of different breeds

Recommendations will be much appreciated thanks!! =]
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2342's avatar irwin id
#2 Posted 16 Jul 2013, 2:22 am
Giant Danios and orange danios are great fish to keep and very hardy also.

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