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Bala Shark v. Clown Loach

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1787's avatar Patty E
#1 Posted 31 Mar 2011, 11:08 am
New to Forum...HELP!

I have a 12' bala shark (12+ yrs old) and 4" clown loach (13 yrs )old in 200 g tank. They've been in this tank for about their ages. Bala shark mates and clown loach mates have all died over time and they have been alone for about 6 mos. Recently the clown loach has been irritating the bala by poking it's barbs in the bala's nostril and the balas nostril is now califlower-like. Melafix added to tank 5 days ago. With age of respective fish, is it "smart" to add add'l fish or should I pull the loach - just don't want to cause him stress either. I have put no add'l fish in tank because it's a lot to maintain and I am interested in getting out of hobby, but I do not want to do wrong by either fish, since I've had them so long. If adding younger loaches is ok, I'd do that...
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1's avatar jan
#2 Posted 19 Oct 2011, 3:55 am
Adding new fish could be stressful for such old specimens... Perhaps you could find them a new home if you'd like to get out of the hobby.
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