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Hi All: One serious problem

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2271's avatar job777
#1 Posted 09 Jan 2013, 9:46 am
i am new here.

I have a new tank (17"x17"x 17") with no plantation as of now (planning to add soon).

Currently I have 8 variety of fishes (total 12 fishes) in it, all small size:
1) Bushymouth catfish - 01 (size 2")
2) Green phantom pleco -01 (No more as on date, some other fish ate it) (Size 1.5-2")
3) Honey gourami - 01 (Size 3.2")
4) Koi carp - 03 (1 white, 2 dual coloured) (Size 3.5")
5) Shark catfish -03 (1 white, 2 gray coloured), (Size 3-4")
6) Goldfish - 01 (Size 3.5")
7) Short finned molly -01 (size 1.5")
8) Rosy barb -02 (size 1.5")

There is a strange thing that every morning i wake up i see 1 small fish missing. Today morning i could NOT find "Green phantom pleco".

I want to find who is eating the smaller fishes. Earlier i had some small red colour fishes (Size 0.5- 1"), all of them are eaten in the night one-by-one and yesterday even "Green phantom pleco" was eaten.

I would like to isoate the eater of these small fishes. Till this time i never had any issues. only after addition of these fishes i see the smaller fishes gone in the night:
Honey gourami-01
White Shark catfish -01
Goldfish - 01
Rosy barb -02

So could you please help and suggest who would be eater of small fishes.

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2286's avatar Madm
#2 Posted 07 Feb 2013, 1:26 am
Im guessing the catfish - the barbs will like your gourami's fins as a snack when they are bored. First solution: get plants. Your fish need them to hide and escape from others. Since fish have a memory of about 4 seconds; if the "target" can escape from view for 2 seconds or more it has a good chance of attention being diverted. Try youtube for "aqua-scaping". Also, try to give them "stuff" to do...don't feed every day, not at the same time..challenge them some (but don't be cruel or impossible).

2286's avatar Madm
#3 Posted 07 Feb 2013, 1:30 am
btw...whats your logic in putting cold water fish in the same tank as tropical fish? ...Nature knows best, so try to mimick that.

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