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2286's avatar Madm
#1 Posted 06 Feb 2013, 11:41 pm
Hey hey,

*waves* I'm Maddy, or Madm online. I've got a 200 liter tank for almost 20, ive been through some stuff with me fish. Now, i'd like to add towards your information about the Agamyxis pectinifrons.

Your site claims they live up to 16 years...mine is round and about 20 and still going strong. After an extensive search years ago, i discovered 1 picture with a male and a female next to each other. The sex difference is noticeable then - the male is slender and the girl is plumb.
The most important thing for a Agamxis is her need to burrow...she likes to dig a hole behind/under a rock or piece of wood, tight as can be (needs to have two easy exits), covered by darkness - be carefull when you build them a territory - if it's not firm it will all come down on top of them. And thats a moment to go into prehistoric mode - she stretches out every thorn on her body, holds her breath and waits. ...Some things go away, some things don't. In that aspect she can be called a peaceful fish, but she's a real hunter too. If she cannot find enough corpses to eat, she'll snatch a neon or kill off something that is old and weak. That's not friendly at all - but she likes ham too. Wink
Water quality: mine does everything, but she seems to like what neons and other SA fish like...temp, very easy going, but i'm inclined to say she's more active when it's slightly colder. Her activity changes - when conditions are bad, stress, disease, not feeling comfy, she'll hide and be gone. After a few months you'll start worrying where the monster has gone to. Then you'll notice little fish to be gone, or if she's really hungry she'll suddenly pop up during a feeding and gulp down everything that she comes across, only to be gone again for weeks.
However - if you get your conditions right (summer/winter mode helps), give her space (she surpasses the 14 cm ;)) and make sure she can be relaxed about things, she'll often come out moments after feeding with the light on, or start moving about as soon as the lights go out. Everyone else in the tank will get out of her way, except the likes to rub against her. She doesn't like that back ^^ I've only heard her once's a "krieekriee". Very scary.

cheers all,
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2286's avatar Madm
#2 Posted 07 Feb 2013, 12:55 am
Yo lurkers - be kind and say hi?

I've got a short vid of me sweet Poca for ya'll. Just select, right click, open in new tab:


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