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Red Devil??

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report abuse | report copyright infringementaquarium fish forum / Cichlids / Red Devil??
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1539's avatar breeza
#1 Posted 08 Sep 2010, 7:32 pm
My brother recently purchased a fish that was supposedly a firemouth cichlid, although it didn't look like his other firemouths, it was completely orange. It promptly killed most of the fish in his tank. We called it "Devil", the name seemed fitting Biggrin I took it and added it to my communal cichlid tank and once my big Oscar "Fiddy" put it in it's place, it has lived harmoniously with all of the cichlids in the tank. I have surfed the web trying to find other firemouths that look the same as it and I am starting to think that it is not actually a firemouth at all. I suspect that it may be a Red Devil but having absolutely no experience with this breed, I am not sure.

I have a photo of it and was hoping that someone here could confirm my suspicions??

Thanks :D
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22's avatar mickey
#2 Posted 18 Sep 2010, 12:40 am
Well it is definitely not a firemouth so you could be on the right track with the Red Devil

Attached image
1539's avatar breeza
#3 Posted 18 Sep 2010, 6:34 am
Thanks Mickey :)

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