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What kind of food

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18's avatar Elektra
#1 Posted 03 May 2008, 7:10 pm
What kind of food you do you recomend to give to aquarium fish? Now we are trying out a new type of flake food. It contains sea creatures, which have more healthy minerals, than other food. Fish have no problem with eating that. What else specialities would you recomend? What food do your fish like and is healthy too?

original post: July 11, 2007, 6:46 am
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48's avatar Gigi1
#2 Posted 03 May 2008, 7:13 pm
I feed my fish with normal granules with vitamines from sera. But sometimes, once a few days, I give my fish frozen food. Every time something else. Sometimes moskito worms, tubifexes, blood worms, beef hearts, some shrimps and what they have in pet store. I deftost them and clean with fresh water.
49's avatar CalHinders
#3 Posted 03 May 2008, 7:14 pm
Hello there. I would think to give you a better idea of what food to buy, we would need to know what type of fish you are feeding. For instance, in my tank I feed a combination of foods ( in a 29 gallon freshwater tropical community tank).

I feed Tetra Mini Tropical Flakes, Tetra Color Tropical Granules, Aquarian Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets, Sun Dried Gammarus (baby shrimp, they are good for the fishes digestion), Tetra Veggie Algae Wafers, and Frozen Blood Worms (which is actually tubes of mosquito larvae). I purchased some live ghost shrimp for my Dwarf Gouramis to eat, but instead the shrimp took up residence in the tank and are doing well.

Now I don’t feed them that every day, but I generally feed them 2 of off the list every evening. It is a good idea to vary the food that you feed your fish, because it mimics more of what they would find naturally.

If you are interested in watching them eat, search You-Tube for Cal Hinders. There are also pictures of the tank on my site at www.CalHindersCreations.Com
Cal Hinders
70's avatar meliss_cole
#4 Posted 03 Jun 2008, 9:34 am
Yeah, I like to alternate between a variety of different foods to keep them happy. I find that if I feed them only flakes or only pellets for a period of time, they go extra crazy the next time I give them frozen beef hearts or brine shrimp. But if I feed them live foods for a period of time they seem reluctant to go back to the flakes and pellets. So it's important to keep a variety going. But no matter what, I always drop in a little bit of spirulina for their veggies.
22's avatar mickey
#5 Posted 03 Jun 2008, 11:40 am
my fish get a mixture of flake,pellets and garlic.
rwice a week they get freshly hatched brine shrimp and microworms.
Discus also get a beefheart mix that I make myself.

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134's avatar tonesoft
#6 Posted 18 Jun 2008, 6:32 pm
I have fed my fish raw liver as a treat they go mad over it Biggrin

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